Shoebox Stories is Brought to you by Motus Theater

Presented by Motus Theater: The mission of Motus Theater is to create original theater to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time. Motus aims to use the power of art to build alliances across diverse segments of our community.



Advisors to Shoebox Stories

Tom Cosgrove
Nabil Echchaibi
Patrick Ferrucci
Gino Canella
Nancy Lee
Marie C. Wilson
Andrew Devigal

Additional Thanks to:

Rae Solomon
Kevin Seaman
Batia Wilson

Production + Outreach Team

Director & Producer – Kirsten Wilson
Project Manager – Michelle Maughan
Outreach Coordinator – Kiara Chavez
Finances & Grants – Rita Valente-Quinn
Strategy Partner - The Raben Group
Series Host – Kirsten Wilson
Editing Team - Sam Glover, Kirsten Wilson, Matthew Simonson
Theme song written by – Carlos Heredia
Theme song sung by - Alejandro Fuentes Mena & Robert Johnson 
Violin Accompanist - Anthony Salvo

We rise by lifting others.
— Robert Ingersol